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New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Energy cost grant
The AWS energy cost subsidy is introduced as a measure to cushion rising energy costs.
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Environmental promotion – photovoltaics

Post from 1. January 2022
PV-Anlage vor Blauem Himmel

Austria has set itself a major goal for the year 2030: The complete coverage of the domestic electricity demand from renewable energies.

In order to ignite the necessary turbo for this ambitious task, the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG) was passed by the Austrian federal government in 2021 and put into force. In addition to other measures, 1,100 GWh of PV generation is to be added annually.

As a successor to the ÖMAG subsidy previously available under the Green Electricity Act, the EAG photovoltaic subsidy will be available from 2022 with a total of two different subsidy systems. The remuneration for electricity fed into the grid in the form of the so-called market premium is currently still being evaluated by EU-level review bodies and is expected to be rolled out from Q3 2022.

The investment subsidy for photovoltaic systems up to 1,000 kWp and electricity storage systems up to 50 kWh will be available from April and can be submitted annually in two calls. The PV systems will be divided into four different categories A, B, C and D depending on the peak power and will be remunerated by a one-time grant in the course of the new construction or expansion. Small systems up to 10 kWp in category A are ranked according to the date of the application, larger systems over 10 kWp in categories B, C and D are ranked according to the amount of subsidy required.

It is important to order the respective plant only after submitting the application for funding, otherwise a possible subsidy is immediately excluded. The technical experts at m27 can provide reliable and competent support for all questions regarding possible subsidy amounts for planned PV projects and the submission of subsidy applications to the EAG subsidy office. We look forward to your inquiries and future cooperation.

“Reducing energy costs while sustainably protecting the environment – what could make more sense?” Lukas Kager

Our expert on this topic

Lukas Kager

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