New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Energy cost grant
Are you planning to counteract the rapidly rising energy prices and reduce your company's costs in the long term?
New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Energy cost grant
The AWS energy cost subsidy is introduced as a measure to cushion rising energy costs.

National environmental support programs

At the Austrian federal and state level, a wide range of environmental funding programs are available to provide additional impetus for your green projects. With many years of experience in the field of energy and environment, as well as a wealth of implemented projects, we are your ideal partner when it comes to submitting and processing grant applications.
Get your company on an energy-saving and environmentally friendly green course now – we will support you.

PV-Anlage vor Blauem Himmel

The path from project application to disbursement is too complicated and time-consuming – this fear is widespread but unfounded with the right partner at your side.

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Project validation

Due to our experience in the field of environmental funding, we are able to give an accurate statement regarding the chances of success of your project even before the start.
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Optimized funding potential

Your success is ours. Based on this principle, we combine all funding programs relevant to your project in an optimized portfolio.
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All around carefree

We accompany you from the start of the project and the submission of the application to the final settlement and payment of your grant.

The most important environmental subsidies

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Are you planning an energy-efficient new building or do you want to thermally renovate an existing building that is worth preserving? Lay the foundation for your project now!

Cooling technology

Modern refrigeration systems for providing process cooling are not only environmentally friendly, but also reduce your annual electricity costs.

Cool thing!


Energy is not only expensive, but also valuable – we notice this particularly strongly at the moment. Photovoltaic systems or the switch to economical LED lighting help to sustainably reduce annual electricity costs.

Heat technique

You want to replace your old gas boiler or oil heating with an environmentally friendly alternative such as a heat pump or wood heating?
Then get out of oil and gas!
Further funding opportunities

Your project does not fit any of the above topics, but is related to the environment? Find out more about other funding opportunities in the environmental field during a personal meeting.

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“The incentive of the grant often gives the motivation to rethink his projects in terms of ecology and environment” Christian Pfeiffer

Unsere Experten zum Thema Umwelt

Christian Pfeiffer

Senior Consultant
Christian Pfeiffer joined our team in Linz in May 2011 and is responsible for environmental sales.

Lukas Kager

Senior Technical Consultant

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